Cycling Routes in Romagna

in Romagna do not mess

Cesenatico - Sorrivoli

The pleasant route to Sorrivoli, leads to the Castle, just to the left of the drive road. The ancient building is worth a visit and a few photo shoots from the vantage point over the valley below.

Cesenatico - Perticara

At the top of Perticara, you will find the main square with a drinking fountain. Just before the square, on the other hand, Bar E'mulein is perfect for a coffee break or a tasty snack.

Cesenatico - Monteleone

The delightful village of Monteleone will welcome you with its ancient arch in the small square, where you will find a drinking fountain and a small bar for a typical Romagna break.

Cesenatico - Ponteuso

A route to discover the first inland villages scattered along the initial stretch of the Uso River. Savignano, Borghi, Sogliano, Torriana, Santarcangelo, San Mauro Pascoli. The villages mark the stages of an itinerary about 70 km long with a maximum altitude of 351 meters above sea level.

Cesenatico - Rimini

Un percorso lineare e pianeggiante che all'andata si addentra nel primo entroterra incontrando le città di San Mauro Pascoli e Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Cesenatico - San Marino

A linear, flat route that on the outward journey enters the early hinterland, encountering the towns of San Mauro Pascoli and Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Cesenatico - Cippo, Carpegna

Famous for the great climb of the "pirate" dedicated to Pantani, who used to train here before every major bike race, the Cippo di Carpegna is now a passing and refueling destination for many cyclists.

Cesenatico - 9 Colli Corta

A race that tests any athlete, even the most prepared, and gives unforgettable emotions. From the wonderful canal port of Cesenatico, the most important climbs are definitely at km 37 in Bertinoro. This is followed by the Pieve di Rivoschio at km 65, the ascent of Ciola at km 80 to then reach the legendary Barbotto at km 91.

Cesenatico - 9 Colli

A memorable route that winds along the route of the Nove Colli and in the footsteps of the magical Pantani. A sequence of gentle and rougher slopes for the most trained legs.

Cesenatico - Longiano

The hills leading to Longiano are gentle and offer a truly impressive landscape. You will arrive in the heart of the historic center where you will find a bar with tables in the sun and a fountain at km 23.

Cesenatico - Sogliano

Climbing higher and higher, towards the heart of Romagna, you will arrive at the small village of Sogliano al Rubicone. A delightful historic center to visit in a few minutes and a few small bars for a break. If you have time for shopping before your descent, take a good piece of fossa cheese with you.

Cesenatico - Fumaiolo

A breathtaking scenic route along the side of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines that leads to Monte Fumaiolo. After the first 3 km of descent you will find Locanda Marisa, a typical refreshment point in Balze, at km 102.

Cesenatico - Verucchio

At the top of the climb leading to Verucchio (km 32) you will find a drinking fountain for refreshments. Don't miss a visit to the Rocca Malatestiana of Verucchio, built by Sigismondo Malatesta in 1449, for a few photo shoots in front of a panorama that sweeps from the Adriatic to the highest peaks of the Apennine ridge.

Cesenatico - Strigara

Along the route to Strigara, at km 32 you can have a snack break or a real typical Romagna lunch at Bar Ristorante La Gallia. A drinking fountain is available for you to fill your water bottle and get back in the saddle.

Cesenatico - Montiano

At the top of Montiano you will find an excellent refreshment point at Café Centrale, right in the town square. There is also a fountain to continue the route with a full water bottle.

Cesenatico - Predappio

A richly attractive route is the one that will take you to the center of Predappio for a quick visit. Cesena and San Marino are two other stops that deserve a stop for a snack, lunch or simply a few steps among buildings rich in history.

Cesenatico - Sgrigni, Verucchio

On the way to reach Verucchio and its majestic fortress, you can also visit the lovely historic center of Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna, perched on the small, tuffaceous Mount Jupiter, or the town of Savignano Sul Rubicone and the historic bridge on which Caesar uttered the phrase "Alea Iacta est."

Cesenatico - San Leo

Even before reaching San Leo, you will admire from afar its majestic Rocca, the setting of the legendary events of Cagliostro. We recommend a visit to the castle for lovers of stories and legends. A visit to its historic center, for a coffee or a tasty lunch, is not to be missed.

Cesenatico - Roncofreddo

Steep hills dotted with olive groves and vineyards to reach Roncofreddo. You'll find the most beautiful viewpoint with fountain on the left, just after crossing the town center. At Café Centrale in Montiano, on the other hand, we recommend a good snack break.

Cesenatico - Montevecchio

At the top of the climb to reach Montevecchio, you will admire the monument dedicated to the magical Marco Pantani, who pedaled here during his endless training sessions. On the way back we recommend a visit to the pretty town of Gambettola, along the Via Emilia.